Welcome to Dereham Canoe Group. We are a friendly, family-oriented club and we offer a wide range of canoeing and kayaking activities

Our main paddling location is at Swanton Morley in the heart of Norfolk, where we run lessons and other events on the River Wensum in summer and can use the two weirs to practise skills on moving water. Between September and April, we hold monthly lessons at a local swimming pool. Training is provided by our Level 1, 2 and 3 British Canoeing qualified coaches.

We also hold trips on the Broads, on other rivers in East Anglia and even through the city of Norwich. We hold at least one white water trip on a river in winter or spring, as well as practice sessions at artificial white water courses.

Weil’s disease

Weil’s disease, also known as leptospirosis, can be caught when the urine from an infected animal enters freshwater and the infected water gets into your mouth, eyes or a cut. In Britain, Weil’s disease is usually caught during water based activities such as kayaking, outdoor swimming or fishing.

To reduce the risk of infection:

  • Before going on the water, ensure any cuts or grazes are covered with waterproof plasters
  • After getting off the water wash your hands with soap and water as soon as possible and clean any wounds thoroughly

If you feel unwell at all after being on the water, then please consult a doctor especially if you have a high temperature or a headache. Tell the doctor you have been canoeing. Weil’s disease is caused by a bacterium and can usually be treated successfully with antibiotics.

More information here (Wikipedia)

River sessions 2018

River sessions this year will start on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th May 2018.

River sessions are held on the River Wensum at Swanton Morley on Wednesday and Thursday evenings in May, June and July, starting on 9th and 10th May and finishing on 18th and 19th July. There will be no sessions in the half-term week, 30th and 31st May. Sessions usually last about 2 hours, depending on the weather and the time of sunset. Sessions start at 6.30 pm. Please arrive on time so we can make best use of the daylight.

You need to be a member of Dereham Canoe Group to join our river sessions.

For a membership form and an application form for river sessions, please write to the Group’s secretary, Lynda Turner.

For junior beginners under 14 years old, we will run a Paddlepower Passport group on Thursday evenings. For those who have passed Paddlepower Passport, we will run a Paddlepower Discover group on Wednesday evenings. This is the normal improvers class for those aged under 14. Those over 14 are welcome to join either the Discover class or the 2-star sessions.

Paddlepower courses use continuous assessment and the course fee of £40 includes your progress assessment card.

For adults and teenagers aged 14 and over, we will run coached paddling sessions. These are suitable for people ranging from complete beginners through to improvers who have not yet of 2-star standard. Under 14’s who have the Passport certificate but cannot join the Discover group on Wednesdays are welcome to attend the coached sessions on Thursdays. The sessions generally take the form of a supervised group paddle either upstream to the bridge or downstream to Elsing Mill. Coaching towards the 1-star (for beginners) and 2-star (improvers) qualifications will be given during these trips.

Coached paddling sessions can be booked as a set of 10 sessions for £35 or on a per session basis for £5 each. Once paddlers feel ready, we can run 1-star and 2-star assessments. A separate certification fee will be payable for the assessment.

Members who already have 2-star or above will be welcome to paddle with these groups and just pay the equipment hire charge if they are using club equipment.

One Star Syllabus
Two Star Syllabus
Paddlepower Flyer

For a membership form and an application for river sessions, please write to the Group’s secretary, Lynda Turner.