Spooky Doo Paddle 2017

We plan to hold the annual night-time Spooky Doo paddle on Saturday 28th October 2017, paddling by the light of glowsticks, the moon and the flicker of will-o’-the-wisps through the trees.

Meet at Castle Farm starting at 6.30pm.  As it will be in the dark, all paddlers will need warm clothes and a windproof top. Only paddlers of One Star or Paddlepower Passport ability will be able to take kayaks out but others can go in open boats with a more experienced paddler.  Please be aware if you are borrowing club equipment there will be a charge of £2.00 per person.

There will be a BBQ and paddlers are welcome to bring their own food to be cooked.  We are looking for a non-paddler to keep an eye on the BBQ whilst everyone is on the water and to cook once everyone is off the water – please email Lynda if you can help.

There will be a pumpkin competition for the junior members (under 16s) and please feel free to wear fancy dress!